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Quality Buyers Association Annual Membership Fee

Become a Kitchen Adventures member and enjoy a 20% discount on all purchases, plus share in any special members promotions we hold throughout the year.

Membership costs NZD $50-00 per year. We guarantee you cannot lose by becoming a member, because of the following two conditions of membership:

1) If you do not save at least NZD $50-00 during the year, the balance of the NZD $50-00 membership that you have not saved is credited to your membership you pay for the following year.

2) You may discontinue your membership at anytime and if your savings at that point have been less than NZD $50-00, in the year that your membership covers, the balance of your membership fee will be refunded in full.

In addition to the above we have added a condition that your membership may be used by other members of your family or friends that do not live at your address.

Let them use your code and we will send to their address. A great way in which you can to be generous to others who may be in search of good gift ideas, allowing them to purchase at your members price.

For members not living in New Zealand:

Not all products can be shipped out of New Zealand due to distributor agreements in other countries. You will be advised if your order includes such products before it is processed.


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