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When you purchase any item you have a full 60 days to trial it. If you are not satisfied, you email us and we will send you the cost to courier it back to us and refund you in full on the products return. Absolutely no cost to you to trial any of our products!


Should you not have the confidence to purchase under PLAN A above, then try PLAN B. You pay a security bond of 1/3 of the normal price and we will send you one of our limited number of demonstration units we have for each category, and you have a full 14 days to trial it.

If you are satisfied, email us and we will send the courier cost to send the demonstration unit back to us and will deduct the value of your security bond from the purchase price of a new one and send the new item to you. Or if you are not satisfied, your security bond will be refunded to you in full, plus we will still send you the cost of the courier to return the item. You can not lose!

N.B. 1) There is only a limited number of trial demonstration units under PLAN B so there could be a wait for your trial. This is also why we have limited the Plan B offer to only 14 days but if for some reason out of your control you need to extend the 14 day period just let us know.

2) Unfortunately this offer is only available within New Zealand due to the limited stock we are prepared to invest in Plan B and therefore need to have a quick turnaround with these units.

Fill out this form with your email address and we will send you the discount code for our shopping cart. This will allow you to pay 1/3 of the normal price for a 14 day Trial of any one of our products.
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Quite simply we know our products are the best in their fields but you need to prove this to yourself so it is not until you have tried them that you will know! Try – Enjoy – Tell Others –We know you will be delighted. Get our products in your hands and experience the benefits others are enjoying.

Is it not true that many times we have thought a product may be worthwhile but we a haunted by the thoughts…“is it everything they say it is”..…“will it work as well as the demonstration once I get it home”…..“OK, but am I really going to get the use out of it”….and other similar thoughts.

This is why we have the two plans above. We do not want to sell you something that will end up in the cupboard!! We are only interested in satisfied customers. Our business relies very heavily on word of mouth advertising.


Every item we sell comes with a 5 year free service warranty against manufacturing defects. For the warranty claim to be valid the product must have been used according to instructions.

It is very rare these days to be offered such a warranty and at no cost to you.

Some companies offer you less of a warranty but you have to pay for it!! This shows the faith we have in our products.

Phone: 0800 222937
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