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The Garlic Twist
tm by NexTrend Products

The Garlic Twist is a new, innovative kitchen garlic tool that is designed to
replace the problem-prone garlic press or the tedious hand-mincing of garlic
using a chef’s knife.

At the heart of each Garlic Twist is a matching set of cross -cutting mincing teeth that allows garlic cloves to be minced to

How to Use

Helpful Hints
For quick peeling of garlic, use the Garlic Twist to whack unpeeled cloves 2-3 times to loosen the skin. Grip the tip of the skin and slip it off in whole.

   1. For easy mincing, keep the two halves of the Garlic Twist slightly apart while twisting it back-and-forth. This would allow the garlic to be shredded layer-by-layer. If done properly, the Garlic Twist would enable garlic to be minced with minimal effort.

   2. For quick and neat gathering of the minced garlic, twist the top half to one direction until considerable resistance is felt, then back-twist it to the other direction until considerable resistance is again felt, then back-twist it again very slightly to push minced garlic to the center completely free of the mincing teeth before opening.

   3. For best control, use a table knife or spoon to push the two chunks of neatly gathered minced garlic piles out for use starting from the center of the bowl.

Last but not least, the Garlic Twist loves garlic, so use a generous amount of garlic. Fill it up with peeled garlic then start mincing, you’ll be amazed.


NORMAL PRICE: (NZD) $49.95 + $10-00 Shipping
MEMBERS PRICE: (NZD) $39-95 + $10-00 Shipping



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