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This metal plate has 12 raised pots (about the size of a ball point of a biro pen) that touch the base of the pot. These 12 points are raised about 8mm so that the only heat to get direct to the pot is these 12 points. Air is able to pass between these 12 point so the Simmer Mat is able to achieve perfect simmering without ever burning!!

It means you never need to buy a crock pot and this is the reason we do not stock them. No one can beat the price of our Crock Pot - just buy a Simmer Mat and you have them of all different sizes because ever pot you have is one!!

Great to use for sauces and gravies. You have control and peace of mind to carry on doing other things knowing that what you are simmering is NOT GOING TO BURN.

Also excellent for doing jams, custards, oatmeal, porridge and melted chocolate.

Can be used with all heat sources including glass, ceramic and induction cook tops as well.


NORMAL PRICE: (NZD) $35-00 + $5-00 Shipping
MEMBERS PRICE: (NZD) $28-00 + $5-00 Shipping



Phone: 0800 222937
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