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GoodlooK is set to earn a household name
in New Zealand and overseas.

  • For leather shoes GoodlooK will replace the more messy greasier and waxier products we have become used to. At last an excellent product for leather furniture, clothing, saddlery and upholstery. Will treat all colors of leather.
  • In addition the same product will erode the market of silicone-based products for vinyl for results as well as economy. Maintenance of exterior and interior car vinyl is a breeze with GoodlooK. Try it!
  • At last garden lovers have an incredible product in GoodlooK to waterproof their terracotta pots. Soil stays moist longer.
  • GoodlooK used as a wood polish in most instances is ‘just what the craftsman ordered’ and the least expensive to buy.
  • On metal (e.g. outside door handles, metal on boats and trophies) a very thin coat of GoodlooK will inhibit corrosion and tarnish.
  • A very thin coating on tiles lessens grime build-up and leaves a new appearance.
  • GoodlooK is very quick to apply to rubber and rough surfaced plastic for a brilliant finish. Car tyres are done in seconds. Excellent as a plastic polish. Added protection to rubber boats and rubber boots to mention giving it a new appearance.


NORMAL PRICE: (NZD) $29-95 + $5-00 Shipping
MEMBERS PRICE: (NZD) $23-20 + $5-00 Shipping



Phone: 0800 222937
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