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Timax Model – Side Grip Model

Cook with the removable electronic programming and control module. The last word in independence in the kitchen!

The Timax models with the electronic pressure sensor/timer are absolutely brilliant!! Once the pressure has reached the required pressure you have chosen it beeps to let you know so then you adjust the heat to keep it at that pressure.

The cooking time you preset on the sensor now begins and at the end of that time it will beep again to let you know the cooking is complete. Now here is one of the best parts!!

Once the required pressure is reached and you have adjusted the heat, you can take the sensor off the cooker and carry it with you if you need to go out of the kitchen for some reason and when it beeps to tell you the cooking is complete head back to the kitchen to take the pot off the heat.

Once you start cooking with one of these Timax models it will become one of your greatest kitchen treasures!!

22cm, 6L

PROD. CODE: #30302

NORMAL PRICE: (NZD) $499-00 + $10-00 Shipping
MEMBERS PRICE: (NZD) $399-20 + $10-00 Shipping



Phone: 0800 222937
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