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Kuhn Rikon’s pressure cookers not only save time and energy, but also make for healthier, tastier meals.
Cook 60% faster

No matter how much speed is of the essence these days, when it comes to cooking, it’s still true to say that a thing well done cannot be done quickly – except under pressure. And with an induction-safe DUROMATIC pressure cooker, high-speed cooking is not only safe, but easy too. The advantages are obvious: Thanks to its super thermic sandwich base, the pan heats up almost instantly, saving up to 60% of the energy normally required.

The contents retain all their vitamins and mineral salts, nor does cooking impair either flavour or colour. Not only that, but every DUROMATIC comes with three safety valves and a lid lock to prevent it being opened while under pressure.

None of the past problems and dangers of the pressure cookers of past eras!! Everyone in the 50 something age bracket can tell a story of how a pressure cooker blew up with soup all over the kitchen. The likelihood of this occurring with Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers is practically eliminated with it’s advanced safety features. Now the 21st century kitchen can have the best in speed cooking, fuel savings that more than pay for the cooker and with complete retention of the foods natural vitamins minerals and salts.

The models with the electronic pressure sensor/timer is absolutely brilliant!! Once the pressure has reached the required pressure you have chosen it beeps to let you know so then you adjust the heat to keep it at that pressure. The cooking time you preset on the sensor now begins and at the end of that time it will beep again to let you know the cooking is complete. Now here is one of the best parts!!

Once the required pressure is reached and you have adjusted the heat, you can take the sensor off the cooker and carry it with you if you need to go out of the kitchen for some reason and when it beeps to tell you the cooking is complete head back to the kitchen to take the pot off the heat. Once you start cooking with one of these Timax models it will become one of your greatest kitchen treasures!!

Specifically the safety features are such that...

1) the pot is almost impossible to open while under pressure
2) if for some reason the heat was not adjusted and the pressure became extreme, there is a window on the side of the lid through which the rubber seal squeezes through to allow the excess pressure to escape. In other words it is practically impossible for the accidents of old to happen!!

Pressure cookers of old did not have these two very important safety features. It was due to lack of foolproof safety that pressure cookers went out of fashion in the 1950’s because they simply became dangerous to use!!. Now we can get back to the flavours, speed cooking and fuel saving without the dangers. For risotto, beans, soups and stews to name a few, Pressure Cooking is the ultimate method!!

Hey the rest is now up to you. You will not regret it.

Phone: 0800 222937
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