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Kuhn Rikon

Please Read our Terms and Conditions

Yes, I wish to become a member of the Kitchen Adventures Quality Buyers Association and understand that I will be posted a Members Card with my number to be used when buying recorded on the back of the card. Should this card be lost I will email you and be reissued a new card and number and the lost card will be unable to be used.

I understand I can let family and friends use my number and receive the same privileges as me and you will bill them separately and ship direct to their address. I authorise you to deduct from my credit card the Membership Fee of $50-00 and to also process the payment of this same fee for the following year, 12 months from the date the current fee was paid.

I understand that if I have not saved the full $50-00 value of my membership you will credit the unsaved portion to the next year’s membership fee. Also I understand that any time I have the right to cancel my membership and receive a refund for any unsaved portion of my Membership Fee.

Phone: 0800 222937
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